Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 42: Skinny Minnie

2011 Earnings:  $1,976.00
Today's Contest: Details Magazine $5,000 Personal Trainer Sweepstakes
Prize:  $5k gift card to put towards a personal trainer.
Rules:  Online sweepstakes submission.  I fill these out so much now.  I wish I was magic and could just look at the screen which needs my info, wave my imaginary wand in a big fancy flourish and say "Sub-MISH" like a Samantha Stevens or Hermione Granger.
I could use a swift kick in the work out pants.  I've spent most of the winter eating everything in site, as if all food known to mankind is going to be rationed out tomorrow and there will be Soviet bread lines forming.  To get inspired and out of my rut, I'll watch fitness shows.  But somehow the pint of Haagen Dazs ends up in my hands while I'm watching The Biggest Loser.

She (ie, me) better get it together and quick if she's going to fit into her skinny jeans this summer and have the right look.

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