Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 39: Alotta Nevahda

I won three songs to download from the All State: Score with a song contest.
Approximate retail value (that's so Price is Right):  $3

Total 2011 earnings:  $1,976.00
Today's Contest:  All State:  Score With a Song Contest
Rules:  Play a (kinda actually fun) driving game where you have to avoid hitting debris on the road (like old tires, tvs, and a dinosaur...that's the best out for that T Rex! Where?  Oh, that one.)
If you make it to the sports stadium (which I did...whooooooRAAAAAY!) then you win some prizes.
Prizes:  For completing the driving round you can win anything from music downloads (that's what I won...heyyyyy) to gift cards.  You are then automatically entered to win a trip to Vegas to play golf with basketballs players and go to a show with them.  Weird. Cool, kinda, I guess.  But totally maybe a little bit random, non?

Honestly, I don't understand how all of these elements of the contest relate to each other. Driving, basketball, music websites, gigantic threatening T Rex (again, the best part). What's the through line here people??? That said, I'm happy I won this instant game, and I actually downloaded a Radiohead song, so it's totes legit.

As far as winning a trip to Vegas to tee off with some B ball play-yas...I say bring. it . on. I love me some Vegas.  It's totally over the top, outrageous and completely trashy.  It is so faux-real.   Not to mention one of the most camptastic movies of all time was shot there...Showgirls...starring Elizabeth Berkley...the once brainiac do-gooder Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell, turned desperate stripper Nomi Malone.

The first time I stayed in Vegas, I was at the Flamingo Hotel, where Donnie and Marie were playing.  My room was over looking the strip. The view was mayyyyydge. Also overlooking the strip were Donny and Marie's gigantic heads on a billboard along the outside of the building.  As I walked back towards the hotel one day, I counted up from the bottom floor to where my room was, and realized that I was staying in Donny's hairline.  Yeeeesssssss.


  1. I wonder if people ever go in and specifically request to stay in Donny's open neckline? I bet.

    Keep it faux-real!

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