Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 30: Halls of (no) Justice

2011 Earnings so far:  $1,735.50

Today's Contest:  Halls Pop a Drop and Don't Stop Instant Win Game
Prizes:  A variety ranging from a plane (seriously), to a package of Halls
Rules:  Enter on line info and then play a Plinko like game reminiscent of the one on The Price is Right using Halls lozenges as the Plinko chips.  Click on one and watch it get bounced around into one of the slots below (ps..slots is one of my least favorite words....right behind moist panties...and then slacks.)

I chose the blue (presumably menthol) lozenge.  It landed in a "Lose" slot (again, gross word) near the left.  GRRRRR!!!!  Maybe I shoulda gone with the totally traditional golden rod circle one.  MAYBE I SHOULDA GONE WITH THE TIGER'S EYE!!!!   These are the ever unresolved variables compounded with all those pesky things called emotions, that drive a man to run from reality and eat his feelings by putting away half of an Entenmann's Raspberry Danish Twist followed by some Ben & Jerry's. 
So I've heard.

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