Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 18: Flights of Fancy

2011 Earnings to Date:  $1,680.50

Today’s Contest:  Expedia You Name It Contest & Sweepstakes
Prize:  $10,000 vacation
Rules:  Submit a creative title to rename their pre-existing “Vacation Packages” deals.

Expedia is looking for a fun new tagline for their old campaign "Vacation Packages" that brings to life savings and traveling.

This one was RUUUUUUF!  I totally struggled with this today. 
But I was determined to submit something…ANYTHING.  Even if it ended up being cheesy and bad…much like the submissions that I lost to in the “Name the Skeleton Contest”…Rocky Balbona, Indiana Bones…Mary Kate Olsen??  Really??  That last one borders on really offensive and anyway MKO is like totes 5 years ago. 

I batted around ideas like Vacay Buffet....But it kinda sounds like a drag queen with lots of food.
Tripology….too academic.
Vacay Comb-olé!....aye dios mio, Mateo.

Or just combine all the words into one: VacOtelPackSavFun….Which is sorta maybe kinda fun to say... and also sounds a deliiiicious spicy Thai soup.

I finally submitted the tagline “Savings A Go Go”. 
A Go Go comes from the French phrase À gogo meaning “in abundance, galore”.
I thought that it had a nice l’il double entendre referencing an abundance of savings and the verb “go” having to do with the movement aspect of travel. Of course, my initial thought was that Gogo had something to do with Gogo dancers.   
And if they want to use my tagline and have Gogo dancing flight attendants as the mascots of this campaign, I say…DO IIIIIIIT.... but first take a look at these ladies as the role models…..

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