Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 16: Zip & Lic

2011 earnings so far:  $1,680. 50

Today’s 2 contests:
One Zip Hefty Sanwich bags $5,000 Holiday Sweepstakes
Red Vines 2nd Annual Pass the Jar & Score Big Sweeptakes

Hefty:  $5,000
Red Vines:  $2,500

Rules:  Standard online submission. I’ve become completely fine with basically giving all of my info that they want, telephone number, age, gender. I’m totes whatevs about it.  Maybe I should start entering as a middle aged woman?  Or an old man?  I wonder sometimes if that has any bearing on those proclaimed “random drawings.” I also wonder if I don’t click the box which will send me more info on their product, if that disqualifies me all together.  But I can’t with the Chinese Water torture drip of emails that that will incur if I open the flood gates even a crack to those product updates.  She must draw the line somewhere....

Another a simmilar note….
I’ve opened another email account to facilitate the influx of emails for these contests.   I also inadvertently opened another facebook account.  It’s like I’m developing this alter ego.   I'll give this alter ego contest maven a name.  Casandra...or  something jazzy like Phoenix or Shazam.   Or I could go with a Native American name like Prances with Wolves.    I'll stick with Phoenix.
This extra Facebook account comes in handy for contest voting, as there are people who open up multiple, multiple, multiple (one more time) multiple accounts in order to increase their chances of winning, and then they barter with other such types to trade these votes.  Très black market.
For now, I’m cool with the two accounts.   PS, if I do win the Red Vines Contest, I pray to God they don't send me any.  They are so mui grosso.  I prefer Twizzlers....They make mouths happy. :)

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  1. Cassandra was my alter-ego when my bro and I staged a model photo shoot in the 80s (he the photog, I the model, naturally)... personally I prefer Prances with Wolves for you, but Phoenix is cool. Agreed on the red vines, so nast. Twizzlers be tastier by far-ski, but I still hope you win!