Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 36: A Little Fishy

 2011 Earnings so far:  $1,735.50

Today's Contest:  Gorton's Seafood Lover's Sweepstakes
Prizes:  A trip to a fish eating seaport, OR elect to take the cash equivilent ($3,500)
Rules:  Just enter your info, matey

This is a daily entry contest.  It's a little funny, in that you don't know where the final destination vacation is going to be, because it's based on a popular vote by the people who enter...I guess that would encourage people to come back each day to vote for the place that they want to go.  You can choose from Italy (Amaze-balls), The Greek Islands (Gorge-balls), The Caribbean (Hot Latin Balls), or Gloucester, Massachusetts (Puritan balls...whuuuut?)  I'm confused by this last choice.  I mean I understand why they put it in there....cuz it's the homebase of Gorton's.  But really, who's going to be like...m'eh why would we go to the beaches of  Greece when we can go to....wait for it....Massechuseeeeeetts, kids!... and see Pilgrim Reenactments, Lizzie Borden's Home and the Salem Witch Musuem.

Though, truth be told, the Salem Witch Museum sounds kinda phenoms (mmm...okay, and maybe the Lizzie B house would be totally nice to check off my life list too).

I liked Gorton's fish sticks growing up.  I liked em cuz my dad would make them for us on weekends when we would visit him after my folks split up.  It becacme something familiar and comforting, in a very uncertain time.  Maybe I also liked them because the Gorton's Fisherman totally looked like Kenny Rogers.  And who isn't comforted by a little KR song stylin'?

(Incidentally, the song below always makes me feel like I'm at the dentist with the Lite FM station on in the background.  I'm leaned back in one of those chairs, and I have one of those sucky tubes in my mouth.  Chhhhssssshhhhhsssshhhhspsppsspspspspspshhhhhh...and the easy listening begins....)

Pourque the Spanish Subtitles?  In the other versions I found, he's gets a liiiiiiiittle long winded with setting up the song. Kinda nice though, cuz this spanish karaoke track also shows how majorly global his music is.  Te amo Lady.  Te amo, Kenny Rogers.

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  1. girrrrl, i was totally at the dentist yesterday with one of those chhhrrrrrrshshhhhhhshhhhhhhcrrrhhshsh things and i think it bit me because i have a bruise! but my dentist is more led zep than KR:)