Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 37: Cuckoo For Coconuts

I WON $$$ TODAY!!!
I won a $237.50  residual from a commercial that won money using my creative concept I entered in the Benjamin Moore commercial contest.

2011 Total earnings so far:  $1,973.00

Today's Contest:  So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk:  100 Days of Change Giveaway

Prizes:  Various healthy daily giveaways, all leading up to one Grand Prize of a holistic spa retreat in Thailand to relax..."and see where coconuts come from" (honestly...that's what they say...it's too cute for words).
Today's prize is a jumprope (again, I'm a little bowled over by cuteness factor)
Rules:  "Like" their facebook page and you get entered for that day's giveaway as well as being entered for the big Thailand vacay.

There is something totally charming about this whole brand and campaign.  I'm completely smitten.  Based in Oregon (LOVE!)  So Delicious' look and feel is smart, fresh and contemporary & it seems like they are genuinely interested in promoting wellness through coconut products.  It all feels friendly, authentic and wholesome.  A+, gold star, good job, marketing people.  

They also have hard core fitness trainer Jillian Michaels on board as the face of the product...and they have her sitting in a giant coconut.  I love it.  Ya know she all caszh like "Hey girl, heyyyy...what's uuuup, I'm just hangin' in a coconut.  Jealisss?"  Or like she's maybe kind of emerging from it.  Like a modern day Bottecelli's Birth of Venus...

...or when Athena was born out of Zeus' head (yup, that's how it went down...I knew that cuz I made a diorama of that Athena scenario in 6th grade with a Barbie emerging from a head of Zeus fashioned out of cotton and felt pieces.  Pretty sure I got an A on that one).

I also really like that So Delicious is just sticking to coconut milk...that's all....and not trying to make coco-nuggets, or
coco-breakfast strips.  God bless the soy world, but they try a little too hard to make non-meat...meat.


  1. i ccan't fletcher, i just can't with all your prosage link pictures, i am going to bed, laughing out loud to myself...OUT LOUD TO MY SELF!! hahahaha, oh my what next..

  2. Love it. Am leaving the office right now to go and buy some coconut milk. And congrats on the cash winnings today!!