Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 33: You're a Doll

2011 Earnings so far:  $1,735.50

Today's Contest:  Barbie "I Can Be..."Commercial contest
Prize:  Cash prizes ranging from $500 to $10,000
Rules:  Create a 30-60 second commercial based on the creative brief

My friend Garrett and I worked on this commercial for the last week and a half.  Garrett's my good friend who I won a commercial contest with 2 years ago for Sabra Hummus.  We won a cruise through the Mediterranean...and a year's supply of Sabra Hummus.  Opa!

The Barbie contest gave us the creative brief to follow:  shoot a documentary style video that would have super successful women talk about how Barbie inspired them.  I was lucky to find really dynamic, smart women...who were also total Barbie babes 

Raina the Writer

Robin the Photographer
Danielle the Vet


I learned a lot this week about Barbie...even beyond what I already knew as a little boy who stole his sisters' Barbies to play along side his own collection of Cabbage Patch Kids...and Strawberry Shortcake dolls...and My Little Ponies.  God I was a gay kid..had I known who Barbra Streisand was at 6 I'm sure I would have had her doll too. 

What I learned about Barbie:

Christie was the black Barbie

There was a disabled Barbie in a wheelchair name Becky, but she couldn't get into the Barbie dream house because the front door wasn't wide enough for her.

There was a Growing Up Skipper doll that you could pump the arm of and she would grow boobs.

There was an entire NYC fashion show 2 years ago where designers like Anna Sui, Donna Karan and House of Field designed a runway show of Barbie inspired outfits.

Across the board, the most universal creative exploration that went down with Barbie was getting her naked and "playing humpies" with Ken.  Clearly this was before his Sparkle Earring years.


  1. OKAY LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVELOVE (omg i almost misspeled love) LERVVVV IT!! GO DANIELLE!!!

  2. Who knew Barbie had such a positive influence on young women? And we always knew it was all about the shoes.