Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 19: Clash of the Titans

TODAY I WON $50!!!
I won a $50 gift card for Lulu Lemon by placing first in the Fuse Pilates Sweepstakes

2011 earnings so far:  $1,735.50

Today’s Contests:
Super Bowl XLV 7-Eleven Sweepstakes 
Office Pool SuperBowl Contest

7-11:    Up to $100,000
Office:  Up to $500

Even before I get into any of this...I'm not a football fan, so writing any of this feels very out of bounds for me.  That said...I do know that some refer to the Super Bowl as the Clash of the Titans.  I WIIIIISH.  For me that would be more of a game where Harry Hamlin pits himself against the goddess version of Maggie Smith both trying to toss at each other, and simultaneously, avoid looking at Medusa's severed head.  THAT I would watch.

Anywho…back to Tight End reality…

Rules of the Contests:

7-Eleven: Enter standard info online.           7-Eleven is using the two numbers in their name to promote a tie into their contest.  At the end of any quarter, if either team has 7 or 11, they will do a random drawing that could result in one player winnig big.

Office:  $5 gets you a box in a grid that has numbers along the side representing the last digit of potential scores.  If your box aligns with the last number of each of the team's scores, you win some $$$.  Here is it.  

I’m glad it has nothing to do with actual football, because that would make about as much sense to me as a jock who is auditioning for the high school musical…“Uhhhh...What’s a jazz square?” 

I do know that the Steelers are playing (mostly because I read it on the grid sent to me by the office)  but also becuase I went to college (ie, duh-rama school) in the Steelers' home town of Pittsburgh, PA.  So I’m a big fan of the 'Burgh. They've got iconic things like deelish pirogees, classic diner food & smiley cookies from Eat N Park and an undescribable local accent.  "Yins gauize gewn don ton nnn at te wawtch de Stiwurs play de Peytrits nnn at?"
BabelFish on line Translation:  "You guys going downtown, and such, to watch the Stillers play the Patriots and such?"

As much as I’m a fan of all things Burgie, I won't be watching the game.  For those in the same boat as me  (and that boat in my mind is a really lovely Catamaran coasting off of The Bay Area), there is an event in NYC called Uberbowl, which is a non-sporting splinter group comprised of a panel of gays at a theater who will be viewing the game, doing a play by play, and commenting on it from a fashion and choreography standpoint.  It's like the NFL meets Project Runway& Dancing with the Stars hosted by group of adults who were picked last for kickball as kids.

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