Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 28: Barbie (and the) Dream House

2011 Earnings:  $1,735.50

Today's Contest:  HGTV Dream Home Give Away
$2M in prizes including:  A kick ass house in Stowe, VT, a big ol' truck and $500,000
My response:  WHUUUUUUT????  That prize is insane-balls!
Rules:  You can enter online info up to twice a day.  Contests ends this Friday.

I was doing a two-fer on the contest front today, cuz I was shooting a Barbie commercial for the Barbie "I Can Be..."contest which is due later this week.  We spent the day interviewing some super sharp career ladies about how Barbie inspires girls to believe they can be anything.  Barbie (nee Barbra Millicent Roberts) is known for being a fashion icon, having a sick-ass car, being a Unicef ambassador and like have a bazillion careers...even a dolphin trainer (real dolphin not included).  I guess being a doll and not needing sleep enables you to do like EVERYTHING EVER!

After the long day of shooting, I bumped into a friend on the subway who told me to check out the HGTV contest.
So I did and it's incredible.  That's the one I entered today.  It was an easy sweepstakes submish.

Maybe Barbie could have handled today's schedje, but honestly, this working girl (aka, me) feels a little rough around the edges from it.  I give it up for people who enter contests on a daily basis (aka "Sweepers").  It's like totally a full time job.  One that I wonder might even drive an over achiever like Barbie to the brink....

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