Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 226: Starf#@ks

2011 Total Earning:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  Steamy Kitchen Giveaway
Prize:  Nespresso machine and some joe
How to enter: Online submish

I'm a coffee whore.  I live for the stuff.  During the summer, iced coffee becomes one of my basic food groups.  I get these at Starbucks mostly because of their ubiquitous locations.  But the thing is, I've started getting lots of resentments towards SBs.  I resent the long lines.  I resent the people who are clearly done with their drinks but still typing away for hours taking up precious table space working on their great American novel (ie: tweets) .  I even resent myself that I now instinctually ask for a "Grande" even when I try to stop myself and say "Medium".  I've got a venti resentment around that one.  A lot of it is directed  towards people who order crazy fancy drinks.  Who are these people??  And why do I get so mad when some one asks for a 'two pump sugar free hazelnut skinny iced vanilla cappuccino extra foam in a venti cup'.
I need to win this Nespresso coffee machine so I can make coffee at home, and stop brewing so much.
Maybe this is the coffee talking.  I gotta pee.

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