Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 246: Free shit, better than no shit. Sweeps Week Day 4

2011 Total Earning:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  Finding a free vacay for the holidays
Prizes:  Mostly trips to Vegas to see weird phenomena like Cage Wrestling, Calf roping and Katy Perry
How to Enter:  On line submishes

In my ongoing effort to enter lots of sweepstakes each day and win a vacation, I entered sweeps for 47 thousand hours today.  I ended up entering lots of vacation contests that I didn't really particularly want, but would go on them simply cuz they're free.  Things like: going on a hunting trip (horrifying), watching Nascar (boring), or seeing Jay Leno do stand up (horrifying and boring).  
But since these trips are free...BRAHHNG EHHHT.  The value of something goes up exponentially when it costs nothing.  I used to throw out weird shit on stage during shows and people went cray-cray paper for it.  Halloween candy, buttons, condoms, whatevs.  If you got it, they want it.

And forget about T-shirts.  That's like the holy grail of unexpected free stuff.  People feel like they have been touched by the hand of God if they get one.  I worked a corporate event once using a Tshirt launcher from's like a rocket, except instead of shooting explosives, you shoot (nail people  in the head with)'s totally hilarious dangerous.

People scream and yell, and wave their hands up in the air to grab your attention in an effort to get these one sized fits all corporate Tshirts.

So you aim that gun straight for them.   Aaaaaahhhnd FWUPT!!   The overzealous event attendee is whacked in the head and momentarily stunned.

After quickly recovering from the blow, the prize winner is elated, waves her new crappy tshirt in the air, and then looks ready for something else entirely.

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