Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 252: I don't know how she does it

2011 Total earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  Urban Daddy Sweeps
Prize:  Trip to NYC wih-cho-frenz and 5 grand for shopping
How to enter:

I was sitting with a friend today for coffee in the Village and told him about my blog.  His eyebrows raised in recognition and mentioned how his mom also enters contests and WINS like "All the time" (direct quote)...but he said it ruuuuul non-chanlantly like "Doesn't everybody??"...apparently she won an iPad juuuuuuust the other week.   I want an iPad NOOOOOOOOOWWWW!

   I got steamier than the milked being foamed by the barrista.  I haven't won anything in month-skees (unless you count the 10 cents I got off my cup of joe at Caribou Coffee for guessing their question of the day..."What is the Earth's only natural satellite?"...answer below)
What is her secret I wondered?  Does she spend all her waking hours entering?  Or is she some kind of contest sorceress.  Voodoo?   Does she have psychic friends?

I had to let it go so I wouldn't go cray cray and just decided to calm down and be like..I don't know how she does it...which made me think of  SJP's latest film with that very title.

Which is totes weird to think of La Parker, because actually Matthew Broderick was, like f'realz, sitting next to us at the coffee shop.
And the wheel goes round and round and round....

Answer:  The moon

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