Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 249: Lurve and Learn (Sweeps Week Day 6)

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest: Entering every last vacation sweepstakes on mother Earth-skees in a marathon like frenzy while observing how times a man needs 'to politely excuse himself' from having consumed an entire pot of coffee 
Prize:  A vacay 
How to enter:

Some of these sweeps have you answer trivia questions or have you watch a commercial as apart of the entry gets you to go to their websites so that you have a little bit more sense of their company/product.  I am now all too well acquainted with the FUPAs of the KIA soul hamsters.
Ps: I'm totally impressed with the blah-zay attitude of the the naked extra in the background.

But sometimes from these games/nude commercials, you can actually learn some interesting trivia stuff that will come in handy maybe someday not really but possibly when you're trying to impress someone on a date, or say win Who Wants to Be a Millionaire .   Vieiraaaa!!!....(still not fully recovered from the Millionaire blow...Day 240) 

Here's what I learned from entering contests today.

Lake superior has 3 trillion gallons of water in it.

PS-Also realized it would also be a strong contender in a Mr. Burns look-a-like contest

The Maldives are off the coast of India
At first I thought Africa, then Italy, then then mayyyyybe a part of the Galapagos Islands??? 
After finding out, I just felt like an American who doesn't care, such as, about anything outside of this country, such as.

I also learned that I am developing a squinty crease from 
staring at the computer for all these hours

But found out from a contest that you can calm that down with a little ice (aka, a botox home remedy).  After doing that, I was restored to my regular self again.

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  1. Lake Superior does look like Mr. Burns - how clever of you. But before the creation of Mr. Burns it was said to look like a wolf.