Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 234: Cruise Director

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest: Expedia Cruise Sweepstakes
Prize:  A cruise to the Bahamas
How to Enter:

I'm playing Cruise Director this weekend.  My friend is visiting from out of town, and I'm showing her around NYC.  (Cue Liza in a pants suits singing "New York, Nuuuuuuu-ooohhhhhh Yawwwwwwk")

I totes love doing this stuff.  And we are just going to ignore the potential flooding from the rain and the emminent terrorist bomb threats on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary....whoooo-raayyy! (full vibrato on that one)

I love being the cruise director.  I have an awesome itinerary set up for my friend including museums, bars, parks, amazing food, and shows.  I get off on showing off NYC to visitors and hoping they have a genius time.... PS-I feel like there might be a sort of career opsh here for me..showing people around for the weekend in New York, hanging out with them, taking them to dinner, bars and shows ...and generally showing them a good time.  Could I really do this?  Am I creating an entirely new niche market of work here...or does that job already exist?
Oh riiiiiiiiight, it's called being a male escort.  But TOTALLY not corporate America.  Amayyyyyze!
We are on to something here people.  It's always darkest before the john dawn.                    

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