Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 225: Just a little better than bad

2011 Total Earning:  $12,338

Today's Contest: Hyatt Place: Road Warrior 2.0
Prize: Free rooms at the Hyatt plus a grand prize of a tech gadget make over worth over 8 grand

How to enter: Come up with a new name for the term "Road Warrior"

Ok. So there have been 2 winners in this contest so far and the winner's submissions haven't been that good--slash fairly sub par.  I submitted the phrase "Room Key Insider" as my entry and am hanging my hat (my sparkly showbiz chapeau) on the fact that mine is slightly better than 'kinda okay'.  Striving for a 'not much more than mediocre' here.  I guess my bar is set a liiiiiiii'l low today.  But maybe these contest people aren't getting the best submissions and mine will look AMAZEBALLS in comparison.  I'm hoping this is the case...kinda like me in 4th grade gym, where I wasn't the best at sports, but was like super tall compared to the other kids, so the team captains were a tricked into picking me first.  It was only after I was picked that I wouldn't do much (except avoid what ever ball was involved in the game) and basically just do the tricks that I learned at after school gymnastics.  

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