Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 222: Stick Em Up

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  RoomMates Daily Sweepstakes
Prize: An artistic decal that you can stick on your wall
How to enter:
Enter your info into a daily drawing.  Winners are picked each day.
Today was not my day.

I've seen some pretty cool decals in my friends' places.  One friend has some of bird decals in his beach house (kinda like the ones below).   PS-I just reminded myself that I have neither these decals now.... nor a beach house.  And breathe.....

I wanna put some decals up in muh place for a li'l punchy punch. A li'l fruit punch.

I like some of the decals that are on the RoomMates website.  Particularly the ones for kids.  They double as chalk boards.  Totes fun.  But then again on second look, thought, consideration...they strike me as having...mixed messages.  

Do NOT play with fire Madison-Sloane.  But you may play eehhhhhnywhere around it.

Concerned mother on phone:  Did you hear about Caleb Stein?  Caught for dealing drugs.  Dealing drugs. I mean, can you imagine.  Where do they learn this?  It's the violent games and thug music.  No, no, I'm telling you Linda, that's exactly what it is...

Jonas' higher dose of medication cured that pesky recurring 
nightmare about 'the beeeeeam...the beeeeeam'

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