Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 210: Gayyyyyyys in Spaaaaaaace

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  Seattle Space Needle Space Race 2012
Prize:  A trip up to Space...yup....like SPACE, Space
How to Enter:  http://www.spaceneedle.com/spacerace2012/enter.html

Soooo, The Seattle Space Needle is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year.  It was built back in 1962 for the World's Fair.  The Space Race was on at that time, and this was a symbol of America's other worldly ambitions (not to be confused with ambitions of Americans like George W. Bush that were entirely from another planet).

To commemorate the anniversary, they are offering a slew of spaced out prizes including a trip up into space.  Like, seriously.
The first phase randomly selects 1,000 entrants to the next level.  Then those 1,000 reach for the stars by submitting videos as to why they should be the person to fly  (sung) up up and awayyyyyy in my beautifuuuul, my beautiful buhlllooooooooon (well, it's a rocket ship, not a balloon...so sub 'rocket ship there)...(sung) rocket shiiiiiiiiiip.

There is also some physical testing to get through, like basic calisthenics and anti gravity/spin training

PS-Wasn't Lance Bass supposed to do go into space at some point?

Whu happun?
I guess he lost The Right Stuff.
Oh oh OH Oh oh.

One of the coolest parts about this whole trip is getting to experience true weightlessness in space.  You'd finally get to fly.  I fly in my dreams sometimes, but I have to curl up into a little ball and then propel myself out, with really accentuated arms and legs.  I kinda look a little like Peter Pan (ie, pretty gay).

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