Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 221: Birds of a Feather

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  Robert Half Commercial Concept Submission
Prize:  Cash up to $1,000
How to Enter: Submit a creative concept for an IT (information technology) commercial on the Tongal website

I'm impressed with IT people.  They know my passwords, and the websites that I probably shouldn't be on at work.  So, I respect them.  I went to a college at Carnegie Mellon with a lot of computer programmers.  There was an unusual mix there of arts and technical science peeps.  The school was a dubbed 'freaks and geeks', cuz it was primarily composed of 2 types...artsy musical theater ladies like myself jeté-ing around, along side thickly bespectacled guys in cloaks, carrying 8 sided die.

So different?  Maybe not.  The more I think about it...the  role play and dress up were more similar than I might have been willing to let on.  It's now all entirely different, as they are programming and making 7 figure salaries while the jumping Judies like myself are bartenders and mannies (that's a male nanny).

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