Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 218: Playing with balls

2011 Total Earnings: $12,338

Today's Contest:  Tennis Express Photo Contest
Prize: $250 Tennis Express Gift Card
How to Enter:  Submit your best tennis pic on their Facebook page

There are various categories you can enter your tennis pics in: Funny, sexy, most athletic and agony of defeat.  I used the same tennis pic I entered in the Chipotle "wrap what you love" contest.  That was a such a sad, sad loss.  You know, you take the time to really go the distance, and dress up like a chorus member from Xanadu the Musical and just get overlooked.  Well not again. Not. Uh. Gen.  I entered myself in the funny AND sexy categories to double my chances....cuz not only are those tennis shorts amazingly hilarious, but they are about an inch shy of revealing my own racquet and tennis balls.

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