Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 202: Lubed

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,338

Today's Contest:  Napa Filters "Do it your way" Swepstakes
Prizes: Cash up to $10,000
How to enter:

I really didn't know what Napa Filters were.  Then I went to their website and I saw oil filters.  Ummmmmm....Still not much of a help.  I haven't owned a car since I was 18, and even then Then I saw semi hot mechanics changing oil, and they had my attention.

So naturally, I googled "hot male mechanics" and the 1985 adult gay porn with the same title came up.
One reviews says..."if you ever wondered why it takes so long to get your car repaired..this film explains it all."  Werk!
Socket-wrench it to me.

I applaud the decades of porn past when they tried to loosely apply plots to why 14 men might be having sex together.  Porn today, takes a turn towards verite now that everyone has a flip cam for flip fucking.
A certain creativity in titling and scripting has been abandoned like a top whose viagra won't kick in.

A once clever African American military story which may have been called "Black Cock Down" is replaced by "Black cock: your ass".  Simple yes.  Painful, probably.

A baseball team learning the ropes about how to navigate an orgy in a locker room might have been called "Jocks and Cocks"...and now would simply be "Gang Bang my hole Bro".  

Maybe this is a good thing.  It let's porn actors just do what they are supposed to do.  Get naked and get smack it.
The days of uncomfortable bad porn acting are gone, replaced by simple, raw, straightforward wants.

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