Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 224: Color Me Badd

2011 Total Eanings:  $12,338

Today's Contest: Pretty Presets: Name our collection
Prize: $50 gift card to their photo store
How to enter:  Come up with a name for their new photo preset vintage collection
PS-The contest ended yesterday, and I didn't win. Wah-wahhhhhh

This is what part of their new photo preset program looks like.
Very sepia chic.

My entry was titled "Autumn Reflections", which also kinda sounds like a L'Oreal box hair color.  But (and not to be mean here), I started laughing when I read some of the other entries:

Touch of Rust
Beauty in the Raw
Magic Touches
Summer's Eve
Warm Feeling
Fragrant Soapy Aroma

...luckily, none of these won.  Had "Fragrant Soapy Aroma" beat me, I might have had to stop blogging.

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