Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 186: Cheerio Amy

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,337

Today's Contest:  Cheerios-Do what you love sweepstakes
Prizes:  You get to select from a long list of what you want to enter for
How to enter:

Today Amy Winehouse was found dead.  It's still unclear as to the circumstance of her death, but with her past history of drug and alcohol abuse, I mean, it's got to be an overdose.  I was really shaken up by this.  It's so sad when anyone is afflicted with the disease of addiction and gets sucked in far too deep to get pulled out.  And Amy Winehouse was such a powerhouse talent.  I loved her work.  She ushered back in a whole new era of smokey, gritty, raw, honest women singers.  
With the Cheerios Sweepstakes sweeps, I elected to donate the money to charity if I won.  I'll find a rehab to give it to, so that one less person needs to suffer from addiction and can find help.

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