Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 178: Bearly survived my trip

2011 Total Earnings: $12,337

Today's Contest:  Passport Visa: Best Summer Vacation Ever
Prize:  $300 Travelocity Gift Card
How to Enter:  Sumbit your fave summer vacation story and upload pics

I wrote in about my Vancouver trip.  I mentioned that I saw a black bear coming down Blackcomb Mountina.  Here's a pic.
I call this "Nike and Black Bear"

I was admittedly scared and a little titillated (can't. believe. I. just. used. that. word.) when I saw the bear.  They are scares-ville.  I guess I was a little nervous that I'm might be attacked (that is if I fell of the ski lift like an a#$hole).

In case of a bear attack, one can:

Try reasoning with them...

Attempt traditional street fighting tactics...

Just make friends... 

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