Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 188: Come on....

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,337

Today's Contest:  Toys in Babeland Sweeps
Prize:  A $3,200 platinum, diamond studded....vibrator
How to enter:

WHAT. IS. THIS?!  It's outrageous amazing!
It's like a HarryWinston for your who-hah's, lady bits and boy parts.

I was concerned at first that with all the designery accoutrement that it might the fanciest, but not the most comfortable, of toys.  One needs these devices to emulate the Slinky theme song, "It's a wonderful's fun for a girl and a boy."
But upon further inspection, it breaks it down a little more clearly...

VS1 Diamonds – 28 conflict-free stones for a total of .66 carats
  -With the no snag can still be a girl's best friend

Bath Friendly and Waterproof
  -Whether you want to enhance your candle lit bath...or even if there's a downpour in the middle of central park (what are you doing there with this)...this lady can handle it!

   -Happy to explain this to the TSA at the security check point...and the family behind me waiting in line,  that I'm not a terrorist, just a single gay man.

Dimensions – 5.25” x 0.67”
   -It's not the size that matters...but just that you won it, and it's expensive.

For more babe (boy) fun, visit their website:

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