Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 164: Older and Wiser

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,297

Today's Contest:  AARP Sweepstakes
Prize:  iPad 2
How to enter:
*(you may have to lie about your age if you're under 65...not saying I did...but not saying I didn't)

My grandma's a member of AARP.  We call her Dorise (my big brother, the eldest of the all the grandchildren couldn't pronounce his 'th's as a child, and instead of Dorothy, he called her Dorsie.  It stuck.  I love this lady.  She's sassy, kind and funny.  
She and I are co-habitating this week while I stay at her place here in Chicago.

She sat down in my room as I was getting ready for a dinner last night.  I didn't mind flitting around in my skivvies while trying on different outfits, and she didn't mind either.  I took my shirt off at one point to change it, and she looked at me and said..."Oh, Matthew you're in such great shape.  All the girls will adore'll drive them all wild."
I felt a little weird about that comment...she's known I was gay since I came out at 18...and years before that since I basically came out of the womb with a top hat and cane singing "Ta dahhhhhhh!"

She took a breath after her sentence, rolled her eyes, smirked and said, "And you don't give a damn about them at all."

Dorsie betta werk!

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