Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 129: Ice Ice Baby

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,247

Today's Contest:  DIY Ice My House Contest
Prize:  A remolding of your room by....wait for it.....Vanilla Ice...d'zoink???
How to enter:  Take a picture of your room most in need of remodeling. Upload it to their website and write a description on why you should be picked.

I have not idea why Vanilla Ice is associated with this contest, and quiet frankly, it's far too late for me to research...this lady needs to pack for a Memorial Day Beach excursion.
But really Vanilla Ice????  Wow...and "Ice Ice Baby" I meeeeeeeeean I haven't thought of that track since I saw Vanills on Vh1's "Where are they now".
Ahhh...but listening to that song again really takes me back...right to the dance floor at Jamie Bronstien's Bat Mitzvah circa 1991. Vanilla Ice playing, small awkward Jewish boys slow dancing with tall girls in dresses with gigantic bows, and everyone bopping around in socks that said "I danced my socks off at Jamie's Bat Mitzvah".
PS-I'm not even joking...I wrote the whole thing about Jamie's socks from memory, and then typed into Google "I danced my socks off...socks"...and THIS is the first thing that popped up.  It's a Mitzvah!

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