Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 113: Such love gives you paws

I got a residual kick back from the commercial submission I entered in the Benjamin Moore Paint Delivery commercial contest

so..that puts me at..

$12,247 for the year

Today's Contest:  Purina Pure Love For Pets Photo Contest
Prize:  Cashola...up to 5 grand
How to enter:  Upload a super cut pic of your furry friend on their website.

I entered the same pic of my little love MacGregor that I did a few months ago for another pet photo contest...

Since I last uploaded this pic, MacGregor sadly passed away (gulp. sigh.).  He was an awesome cat who lived a great life and gave a lot of love.   Miss him.

Demonstrating his uncanny ability to ignore me at distances as close as 1 foot away

Me:  Do you want the $20 in cat toys I bought?  Or you're fine that random string?
Him:  Who are you?

Tug of war

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  1. MacGregor! I love that boudoir photo of MacGregor. I also love that cats always perhaps scraps of garbage or cardboard boxes to actual cat toys.