Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 111: Grandma in the House (but she can't make it up to the 2nd floor)

2011 Total Winnings:  $12,222

Today's Contest:  Darrel Lea Soft Eating Liquorice Perfect Getaway Sweepstakes
Prize: A $2,000 Amex gift card used towards a fab getaway experience
How to enter:  Online Submish

I admit I absolutely love Darrell Lea liquorice (spelled with a Q, thank you very much).  It's got this fantastic texture and a great bite to it.
I like the black liquorice.  I know that's totally granny pants of me.  But as I sit here eating liquorice and drinking diet 7-up, I am embracing my inner-octogenarian.

Grandma Matthew's Shopping list
Soft black liquorice
Diet 7-up
Rice Pudding
Cottage Cheese

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