Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 104: I Shattner Myself

2011 Total Earnings: $12,222

Today's Contest:  TripAdvisor Your Ticket to Anywhere
Prize:  Two tickets to the destination of your choice (I chose Bali, Indonesia)
How to enter: Online Submish

It's about time I won a random sweepstakes!!!!  I WANNA WIIIIIIIIIN  (sung on high C with arms extended and palms up)

Maybe I like need to find a travel god, goddess or sum'in to pray to.

Mayyyyybeeeee I could pray to The Priceline Negotiator, William Shattner.
PS-At first I thought that said "shrink your travel balls".  A-mazing.

Ohhhmmmmm William Ohhhhmmmmm  
Shantiiiii Shattner Shantiiii
Captiannnnnn Kirk a Luuuurrrrk
Help meeee to winnnnnnnn a triiiiiip to Baaaaaliiiiiii

And thennnn I could louuuunge in the poooooool (soft fade out on the chanting)

And (cue Sound of music)....climb every mountain 

(back to chanting) And alsooooooo help layyyyyydeeeeessss with their shopiiiiiiiiiing.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm.......give me that headbaskiiiiiit
It'll look betterrr on meeeeee

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