Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 112: Donut Feel Good?

2011 Total Winnings: $12,222

Today's Contest: Entenmann's Donut Day Sweepstakes
Prize:  An iPad
How to enter:  Online sumbish

To celebrate National Donut Day, the first Friday in June, Entenmann's is serving up some awareness around the event with a sweepstakes.   National Donut day was created by the Salvation Army to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers overseas during WWI.

I live for a good donut.
The Entenmann's ones remind me of the ones we had in CCD (that's Catholic Sunday school)

But after my mother told me last night on the phone that one should only eat 25 grams of sugar a day, if one wants to fit into one's summer skivvies, I think dounts are out of my summer plan (thanks a lot mahhhhhm).

There is a donut place here in Brooklyn that is EVERYTHING!  It's called Peter Pan Donuts and is consistently rated one of the best donut joints in NYC.  These things are like crack.   Seriously, cuz after you eat it, you kinda fall back into your couch, your eyes kinda glaze over, you drool a little and nothing matters.  Then the beautiful sugar coma takes over.

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