Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 114: Always the Bridesmaid

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,247

Today's Contest:  Bridesmaids Trivia Contest
Prize:  A pretty low end crappy Bridesmaids branded 'Get yourself ready gurrrl' kit (But's freeeee)
How to Enter:  Answer a trivia question on line about the movie and enter the sweepstakes

I'm totes excited for this movie!  I'm going to see it tomorrow night-skeeees.  Kristin Wiig is genius-balls and bridesmaids dresses are a mesmerizing horror parade.  This is going to be flawless.

Let the insanity begin...

Faces blurred to protect the innocent

The three T's for a wedding.  Taffeta.  Teal.  And Tan.

Ugh, I can't believe she asked me to wear the gray belt with this.  
The formal color is red.  It looks ridiculous.  She has got a Vulcan Death grip comiiiiiiiiiing....


  1. I think there should be a fourth "t".
    Taffeta, tan, teal, and tits. Just look at those poses!