Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 5: A Western Union

2011 Contest Earnings so far:
Cash:  WON TODAY..$100 (Robert Half commercial concept residual.
Total: $ 1,625

Today’s Contest:
Durango & Shelpers on-line Sweepstakes
Prize: A 2011 Ford F-150 Truck or $15,000 cash

Background:  Shelpers specializes in Western boots and cowboy duds.  The Dodge Durango's a mighty big truck.  Put 'em together and you are ready to hit the road, hit the two step dance floor and then hit another truck cuz you drank too much PBR.
These two companies have partnered up in a contest to give away a truck or, if you already have one...or three, you can opt for some cashola. 

Rules:  Real simple, cowboy.  Just submit your standard info (name, email, telephone, etc).  You only get one shot to enter on this one.  A winner is randomly selected on Jan 30th and can chose between the two prize options.

After Thoughts:
In reading the fine print for the contest, one of the amazing things (and by amazing I mean beyond crazeballs) is that if you win and select the truck…they fly you out to pick it up in Wichita, KS…but congratulations, you have to drive that truck back home.  Maybe you live in Kansas.  No prob then.   But maybe you’re a Palin and you live in Alaska.  That is a long time to be in the truck with Bristol and the baby.

Taking a look at the Shelpers website, it’s all about Western wear.   Even though I’m a veg-aquarian, and advocate for animal rights, I admit that I have a pair of totally hawt snakeskin cowboy boots that I break out every now and then.

Western wear can be a bullseye or a total miss.  Case and point are a few examples from their online galleries.


                         I'm living for this gun metal gray slouchy slouch cowboy boot

This is bananas.  Pleated bananas.

                         I'm taking her two-steppin' and then I'm taking her jacket.

This all makes me feel like dancing a little actually. One of the things I’ve been meaning to do is go line dancing.  The Big Apple Ranch here in NYC has a gay night of two stepping.  Gives a new meaning to a Rhinestone Cowboy.

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