Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4: Weather or Not

Earnings Update
2011 Contest Earnings so far...
Cash:  $1000 (Benjamin Moore commercial concept.  1st place.
Prizes:  Free year-long subscription to OUT magazine

Today’s Contest -Winter Photo Contest
Prize:  $50 Visa Gift Card

Background & Rules: is a website that is launching intelligent interactive weather apps.  Here’s what their app button looks like.  S’cute.  They are trying to build brand awareness by hosting a contest on Facebook where people submit their winter wonderland photographs onto the MyWeather FB page.  After the top 10 photos are selected by an internal committee, the winner will be decided by a popularity contest on who can get the most thumbs up for their pic.    Here's the pic I posted:

I took this the week after the Christmas blizzard.  It feels très NYC to me in the sense that it’s something kinda lovely, sandwiched between traffic, garbage and dog sh*t...which can be how I feel from a rough day in the ci-tay.

After thought:

As a kid it was kind of a dream of mine to be a weatherman. When I was in 8th grade, I placed 3rd in the meteorology competition of the Illinois State Science Olympiad (I still have the medal).

We would have gone to Nationals if it weren’t for Peter Hirsch who got on the team by a fluke.  He built a rather questionable catapult that worked well enough to get on our team, but that totally flopped at State.   I’ll get over that anyday now.  HIRRRRRRSCH!  (raising my fist to the skies)

If I ever continued down the meteorological path, I think that I would want to jazz up my weather segment on the nightly news with a little singin’.  Rather than just reporting on the weather, give me a stool, a mic and a spot light so I can croon “Stormy Weather”  or  “Hot Town, Summer in the City”.  Though, in my mind…it might go a little more like this (complete with blanket shall wrapped around my head)...

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