Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3: The Book of Orman

Today's Contest:  Zatarain's/Woman's Day New Orleans Trip Sweepstakes
Prize:  A trip for 2 to New Orleans 

I want to take a vacation this year.  But the financial guru Suze Orman got me thinking that taking a vacay probably wouldn't do much to get me out of debt...quite the contrary.   She has a segment called "Can I Afford It?" on her show where viewers phone in and ask her if they can afford something (a piece of jewelry, a car, a personal trainer, and such).  If a viewer is going to extend beyond his financial means with this purchase, she will call out (slash) sing to the camera, "DENIED".  I live for her frankness.  I also live for her never ending parade of amaaaaazing blazers. 
I had been thinking about a luxurious vacation to Bali and Thailand this year, but thought better of it when I heard the little Suze angel on my shoulder giving me the ol' "DENIED" into my ear. (I envision my Suze Orman angel wearing a fabulous white blazer bedazzled with cubic zirconia dollar signs)

CIick on Ms. Suze (Had a Steamboat) for the full effect

So, I figured that entering a contest for a vacation might be an acceptable Suze solution. Financially prudent, and still affording me the chance to take a break.

Contest Rules:  The contest is totally straight forward.  No creativity on this one.   You go to the Women's Day website and enter your standard info into various fields.  Hit Submit.  One winner will be selected at random at the end of the sweepstakes.   THING can enter as many times as you want and increase your chances.  So hellew, Women's Day/Zataran's Entry Website, you and I are going to get to be ruul good friends.

After thought:
I know that this mutiple submission technique works, because it's worked before in my family.  As a child, my mom was determined to win a contest to model furs with the Chicago Bears at the mall.  You could enter as many times as you wanted.  Along with my 4 brothers and sisters, we filled out hundreds...maybe thousands of entry slips.  And don'tcha know, when that fateful decision day came, the mall people called letting her know she won (and that they had drawn her name multiple...multiple times).   She got to model a fur down the runway at Northbrook Court Mall with then semi-famous Chicago Bear, Otis Wilson   So, it seems persistence pays off.  Persistence and a small troupe of sweat shop children.

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