Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2: I'm Sofa King...

Today's contest:  Boston Interior furniture sweepstakes
It seems that companies are working contests on the social media front...specifically the mother of all social media websites...Facebook.  But you gotta become their friend in order to enter.

So now I'm friends with Boston Interiors. Which seems kind of strange to be friends with a company.  But oddly enough they are actually more familiar to me than some of the folks that I'm friends with on FB.  I got really 'accept a friend' trigger happy when the website first launched.

The rules: you need to post on their wall what one piece of furniture you want from their website.  I chose the Giselle Sofa, in Oyster.   It's a lovely modern sofa.  I'm moving towards a Jonathan Adler type look with my living room, and this would fit in flawlessly. 
They'll award one person the prize.  They don't say what the criteria is for winning..so I figured being a little clever in my post will help edge out any competition.  

Here's my little blurb:
SOS! (Sofa Outta Sorts). I need a new sofa! I've been using a blanket on my futon as a way to cover up years of wear and tear (and it's been A LOT of years). I'd love to replace it with the Giselle Sofa in Oyster. The Giselle Sofa’s got a sleek, modern style that would match the rest of my living room.  The furniture in there thanks you.

After thought:
It's funny when I think about letting things go, like furniture. I've had this futon for almost 10 years now.  There's a lot of memories attached to it...friends, boyfriends, and cats have all sat on it.  I know it's silly to get attached to things like this, but in this moment, it's hard not to reflect on where I've been.  
But it doesn't stop me from welcoming Ms. Giselle Sofa 2011.  Bring her on!

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