Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 13: She's a Small Wonder

2011 Earnings so far: $1,625

Rules:   They were looking for a sassy 250 word entry that talked about why you need this furniture make over and how this new modern living room would help you live a chic and fabulous life.  I spoke of my outcast state as a gay man in his mid-30's late 20's, still using furniture from my college years. I titled my entry, “Help this queen get his throne.”

Beyond this contest, I entered a slew of super vague, brand-un-specifc, “win some cash and a vacay from us” sweepstakes.

But what really got me into marathon mode was finding a niche of Facebook pages where people can vote for each others’ unrelated contests. I used this to my advantage for the one ongoing contest I have….
Specifically, for my picture entry I've titled, “Jazzhands The Snowman” in the photo contest: 

I'm in the top 10  & I need your vote. 
You too can vote, in just 2 easy steps:

#1. You've got to 'Like':

So, ok,  just real quick I gotta get this next part out before my eyes literally fall out of my head and into my Basil TofuThe people on these websites trade votes.  So they vote for me, and I vote for them.   There are no allegiances, and no one cares what they're voting for actually, as long as they get votes.  It all feels very shady & corrupt and like we’re lobbyists on capital hill or something.   Looooooved iiiiiiit!!!! I got over 50 votes for my snowman pic in only 6 hours…ummmm…I honestly don’t know which part of that last sentence is the saddest.I voted for contests all over the world.  The “Paint on a Volkswagon” contest in France, a dress contest in India (pictured flawless fireceness),  and an endless conveyer belt of “Vote for my precious baby” modeling contests.
Oddly, there were about a bazillion Filipino ad contests.  Companies are working overtime in the online contest front down in Manilla.  My fave to vote for was The Ultimate Faces of Nursing Model Search.  There are alot of Filipino nurses.  And there are a lot cute Filipinos.  Put those two things together, and you've got a fierce Florence Nightengale/ Imelda Marcos Showdown.     
Heaven Sent...and ready to raise Hell.....

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