Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 9: Neuteronomy

I am a finalist in the MyWeather Photo contest (which I blogged about on Day 4: Weather or Not).  Now the 2 pics with the top votes get $50.  I need your help.  Please go to the MyWeather Facebook page and vote for my City Snowman.  You’ll need to “like” the MyWeather page…and then you can “like” my pic. Thanks!!  http://www.facebook.com/myweather
2011 Earnings so far:  $1,625
Today’s Contest:   ASPCA Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest
Rules:  Submit the cutest pic you have of your li’l pet on their website. A panel of professional animal photographers will judge on the winners                                                                                          Prizes:  Different prizes are awarded for pics that place in the top 10.  The Grand Prize is a Trip to LA to attend the Genesis Awards:  A ceremony that pays tribute to those in news and entertainment for producing outstanding works raising awareness of animal issues.  You also get a custom painting of your pet, and a $500 gift card for pet supplies

The ASPCA works to fight animal cruelty, advocates passing humane laws for our furry friends, and helps shelters nationwide.
As a fundraising awareness campaign they are having people submit pics of their little critters in a all out-no holds barred on line cuteness pageant.  This might prove to be as intense as people who submit pictures of their babies on line for Gap contests and then get LIVIIIIIIID when no one gives a thumbs up on facebook…I’ve seen it…it’s ugly….I meant the contest...not your baby...(welllll....)

Who will be crowned ASPCA Spay Day Anamalista of 2011? I submitted a pic of my own little pageant diva.  Ladies and Gentlemen, our next contestant MacGregor Fletcher……

Hi, my name’s MacGregor Fletcher, I'm from the great state of New York, home of the original alley cat.   I’m a full time sleeper who loves a loose string and my talent is staring at the back of the sofa for hours on end.

Animal Awareness is ever growing as more and more people switch to being veggie, vegan and not wear animal products.  Helping to usher the movement along are people of note from various fronts….in entertainment, Natlie Portman and Oliver Stone.  In fashion, Stealla McCartney, and in politics Dennis Kuccinch. It’s certainly not a new movement.  Figures like Buddha, Leonardo Davinci and some say even Jesus, were veggies, and animal lovers.  One of the most visible activists of our time is actress, Betty White who has been advocating animal rights for over  135 years.      

Lisa Simpson:  Perhaps it's her vegetarian diet that has kept her 
from aging at all for over 20 years now

Mr. Rogers didn't eat big birds

Spock'(s) Vulcan grip was chicken finger free

But even though we are progressing, we still have such a long way to go.  We are using animals for our entertainment in cruel thoughtless ways.

These are the innocent. The unprotected.  Please if we can put a stop to this, let it be today.

 One of the worst offenses of animal cruelty, on so many levels, is still perpetuated on a nightly basis, all over the country.  It's horrifying and awful, and after years and years people line up to see it.  It needs to stop.  It’s a single word that send chills down my spine.  Cats.

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  1. Love coming to this site every day - just can't wait to see what contest is being entered and how you approach writing about it. And MacGregor is the best! Just perfect!