Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 274:Where's the Beef! (honestly, cuz I've been eating carbs for a week now)

2011 Total Earnings:  12,338.10

Today's Contest:  Wendy's T-Shirt Random Drawing
Prize:  A vintage Wendy's tshirt
How to enter:  Play some (actually super fun) games online

I actually had a blast entering this contest.  You get to play online games where you whack-a-ingredient (like whack a mole), skeet shoot frozen burger patties in the tundra, and play Wendy Says (Simon Says, but with said red head).

This is not one of the actual shirts that you can win, but I am LIVIIIIIIIING for all of it.  I'll join a pre teen girl's soccer team if I need to in order to get it....slash you better believe she is going to fringe some shirts next summer.  Wendy betta werk, and actually be careful, cuz she's about to get hit in the head.

1 comment:

  1. With all my heart, I hope you win this. And if you do, I also hope you grow a blonde mullet with a black mustache and cruise around in your Camero. Oh lord, hear my prayer....