Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 158: How Jew Doin'?

2011 Total Earnings:  $12,297

Today's Contest:  Meals on Wheels Trip to Israel
Prize: A trip to the holiest of holy lands
How to Enter:

Mom's weekend wedding procession continued this evening.  We all went to Shabbat Services at the Temple tonight.  I'd been to a bazillion Bar Mitzvahs back in 7th and 8th grade, so I say I'm  a little
Jew-'ish'.  For the rest of my Catholic Family, this was a first.
The Rabbi was a sorta Larry David 'Curb your Enthusiasm' type with a maaaaaaayyyjor spray tan.
He kinda looked like a mix between Willy Wonka and an orange.

Aaaaaaactually, with his long flowing locks and pronounced bone structure, he most closely Michael Bolton dressed up like Erin Brockovich (which, quite frankly, ends up looking a liiiiiittle Sarah Jessica Parker-esque)

Sex in the Synagogue

He was a good guy with lots of energy.  He got my very waspy family to sing, dance and clap along to the ancient Hebrew chants.
The highlight of the service was throwing candy at my mom and her fiance.  It's a tradition done to bring in a sweet new life for the bride and groom.  My mom laughed and smiled as the candy flew by her feet.  Not the same reaction from the Jewish woman in the front row who was none too pleased as mini snicker bars pelted her in the back of her head.

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