Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 59: 6th Place

I placed 6th in a concept submission contest for a Benjamin Moore Paint Commercial.
Yayyyy....(said with the tiniest sarcastic breathy voice)...because really? 6th place?  6th is so random.  Who places 6th?
I'll tell ya who...

The British Synchronized Swim team did in the European Championships

And so did at the Houston Live stock show and Rodeo

And forever in 6th place....Jan Brady

2011 Total Earnings:  $11,562.00
Today's Contest:  Chili's Mild or Wild Contest
Prizes:  A Daily Drawing for a $20 gift certificate for dinner at Chili's.  One Grand Prize winner gets to choose between a trip to Vegas (the wild) or Disney (the mild)
How To Enter:  
Create a Mild or Wild photo version of yourself and upload it to the site.  There is a random daily drawing for the gift certificate.  Then there is an on going voting part too.  The person who gets the most votes for their pics wins the trip.  Here's my pic.  I actually consider my direction if Lady Gaga wanted to be a little incognito and became a bartender at  Club Med in Barbados.

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    This is the only way I can contact you apparently. Wanted to point you in the direction of another contest.

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