Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 45: Vacay Rightaway

2011 Earnings So Far:  $5,976.00

Today's Contest:  Jet Blue Turks & Caicos Vacation Sweepstakes
Prize:  El Vacay
Rules:  Sweeps Submish

Today was a rough day.  Through some divine intervention, I ran into one of my besties, Jack, on the subway platform.  Love when that happens.  His remedy for feeling better (and addressing my blinding paleness apparently...thanks Jack) was to enter and win us a sunshiney trip to go on.  So I am.  To the Caribbean.

This virtual postcard is totally bizarro...but is oddly a really accurate personification of if Jack and I were  the beach.  I'm the unicorn.  Jack's the Dark Crystal thingie in a bikini.

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