Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 46: The Oscar Buzz Wore Off

Today I won a 3 month movie subscription to  They are the independent movie website that hosted the "Beat Roger Ebert's predictions Academy Award contest".  I got 20 out of 24 categories right.  Roger got 13.  C'mon Rodge!  No one got all 24...which would have gotten you a $100,000 grand prize.  The cash equivalent of my movie prize is 36 bucks.

So that makes my 2011 earnings $6,012.00

The funny thing is, I didn't see most of the movies.  In fact, I only saw three of them.  I'm not proud of that fact.  But now topping my list are the King's Speech & Winter's Bone...and more than mayyyyybe Toy Story 3 (again, not proud of that fact).  While the contest voting was going on, they posted how the other entrants were I just voted with the majority.  A very lemming move on my part.

The Oscars were kind of a hot mess. James Franco was on drugs and Anne Hathaway is like just not funny.

People who would have been better hosts
Betty White

 Tina Fey

Neil Patrick Harris

Today's Contest: Two separate Lady Gaga Tickets Sweepstakes  entries
One on
One on
Prizes:  Gaga tix (the one also includes a trip to Miami)
Rules:  On line submish

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