Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 48: Chipotle Day

Proving yet again, any
Halloween costume, even a burrito, can be
made slutty
2011 Earnings:  $6,012.00

Today's contest:  NBC's: America's Next Great Restaurant Burrito Party
Prize:  1,000 people will get the chance to take 9 friends to a poco fiesta at a Chipotle to watch an episode of NBC's newest contest show...America's Next Great Restaurant.  One grand prize winner will get a trip for two to eat at the new restaurant that wins the contest.
How to enter:  On line submission
The founder of Chipotle is one of the judges on the show...hence the Chipoltz tie in.  I'm a big fan of this burrito joint.
The show is all about people competing to realize their American dream of opening up a restaurant.
Some of the contenders are offering things like a Veggie Stir Fry Chain, and one that's got Chicken & Waffles. Amazeballs.

Here are a few potential ideas from the promo that prahhhhhhbably didn't make it through to the finals

"It's my dream to like sit all day long and eat whoopie pies and have my butt get really fat."

"My dream restaurant is called The Maltese Chicken"

This wind blown man has a dream to decorate his restaurant around the theme of cats....
 "Over the speaker, there would be the sound of purring."

It's Corky St. Clair, but f'realz.

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  1. The Maltese Chicken! That sounds like some pit of hell near, but not in, Universal Studios.