Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 83: Bring around the Rosie

2011 Total Earnings: $11,722

Today's Contest:  "Rosie The Riveter" Poise tagline contest
Prize:  Weekly $100 gift card giveaway.  Grand prize winner gets a trip to NYC or Paris
How to enter:  Come up with a tagline for Poise....which is the pad to protect women from LBL....Light Bladder Leakage...

They are using Kris Jenner as an updated version of the icon Rosie the Riveter as their mascot

I didn't know that Light Bladder Leakage was a problem.   
I thought "You made me pee my pants" was  good thing.


  1. i think thats the kardashian mom! weeeeirdd

  2. p. ers.
    once you have like 5 kids...bladder leakage is the LEAST of your problems, but yes its a common post mommy problem. DO those KEIGLES!!

  3. Totes! I kinda just realized that. I don't know if I'm upset or grateful that I didn't know exactly who she was.