Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 77: And One Pill Makes You Small

2011 Total Earnings:  $11,562

Today's Contest:  Health-e Trim Virtual Vault Winner
Prize:  $1,000,000
How to Enter:  Answer a trivia question about the Heath-e Trim diet pill (ps-it's "all of the above") have the chance to crack the four number code to the safe holding 1million dollars.  Note, that's numbahz...not 3458.    It's from 1 to NINETY.  So you have to guess four numbers like 01-84-66-32.   C'mon. Seriously.  That's outrageous!....but we still enter, because we still dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaam (sung with Evita hands)

I have no idea what this pill and a vault of money have to do with each other.  Don't care.  LOVE a pill that can make you skinny AND get you rich.  YAYYYYY!

Other pills I live for...





  1. HAHAHAHAHA out LOUUUD!! love me a wilma.

  2. Proto-col Slim-Fizz is a special appetite suppressant which contains the groundbreaking fibre Glucomannan, which is a natural dissolvable fibre derived from pure Konjac.