Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 79: Feelin' Brisky

2011 Total Earnings:  $11,562

Today's Contest:  Brisk Ice Tea Commercial Concept Contest
Prizes:  Ranging from $100-$1,000
How to Enter:  Enter a commercial concept that is under 140 characters (that includes spaces...WHUUUT??)

Brisk has this whole claymation campaign featuring celebrities.  Eminem was featured at this year's Superbowl one.   I like the one with Ozzy Osbourne.

They kinda remind me of the Bass and Rankin Holiday Specials

The lesser known Halloween special.
That's Phyllis Diller on bottom.

The website also gives you a  chance to Brisk yourself (not to be confused with Bris yourself). I Brisked myself twice....

Once as a tranny street walker in the Meat Packing district circa 1986
She works hard for the money

And then once...post too many full-calorie Brisks
This better not happen

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