Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 321: Very Hands On

2011 Total Earnings:  
Today I won a pair of Isotoner gloves...thahsraiiigh... for my Ham-a-rama Gift submission in the Isotoner Bad Christmas gift competition.  Yup, Isotoners are still around, and I've got some now.  Boom!
They cost about $42 so that brings my 2011 to $12,512.60.

Who's gunna look kinda like a geriatric lady healing carpal tunnel this winterrrr????

I need some votes to move to the next round of the contest...if ya could, plz hit me up with a vote:
Mine's Ham-a-rama #2/16

Today's Contest:  Aleve-Countdown to Christmas
Prize:  $250 Visa gift card

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